Estonia, the Best for Baltic Tours

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The Baltic countries have been always a cynosure when it comes to travelling abroad thanks to their diverse history, culture, foods & beverages, clean environments. We’d consider Baltic Tours in Estonia in this blog.

There are several reasons that make you Baltic tours in Estonia more interesting.

  • When it comes to the location of the country, Tallinn the capital of is very close to Stockholm and Helsinki, which makes it perfect trip through the Scandinavia. Thus, it’s fairly easy to reach there. Tallinn is one of the most beautiful cities in the world with its diverse facades, and historical monuments and landmarks on every point. Tallinn has become an impotent travel destination. And, because of its low population and the lovely countryside make Tallinn one of the most important travel destinations for people from across the world.
  • Estonia has an interesting history because it was part of erstwhile the Soviet Union. Even today, the old Soviet buildings and vehicles are still visible. Whether you’re a student of history or war studies, Estonia is a great country worth visiting. Travelling to this country could be the most memorable part of your Baltic Tours
  • You live the white sandy beaches of in Estonia. You’d enjoy a lot of water activities sailing to windsurfing.
  • The ethnic minorities with a distinct set of folklore traditions along with the Nordic and medieval history of the country make Estonia a country with a rich cultural diversity.
  • Today, Estonia is more influenced by Europe rather than Russia. The culture has adapted and gradually changed with Russia, German and Swedish influence.
  • Estonia has over 1500 islands. And many of them are still uninhabited. The island life is a little different from that in the mainland. And, the islands of Saaremaa Kihhnu, Ruhnu and Vormis have preserved the traditional living styles. These islands are inhabited by many of the ethnic minorities.

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